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List of working LLM

Do you have any working combination of LLM and embeddings?

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Prompt style

LLMs might have been trained with different prompt styles. The prompt style is the way the prompt is written, and how the system message is injected in the prompt.

For example, llama2 looks like this:

<s>[INST] <<SYS>>
{{ system_prompt }}
{{ user_message }} [/INST]

While default (the llama_index default) looks like this:

system: {{ system_prompt }}
user: {{ user_message }}
assistant: {{ assistant_message }}

The “tag” style looks like this:

<|system|>: {{ system_prompt }}
<|user|>: {{ user_message }}
<|assistant|>: {{ assistant_message }}

The “mistral” style looks like this:

<s>[INST] You are an AI assistant. [/INST]</s>[INST] Hello, how are you doing? [/INST]

The “chatml” style looks like this:

{{ system_prompt }}<|im_end|>
{{ user_message }}<|im_end|>
{{ assistant_message }}

Some LLMs will not understand these prompt styles, and will not work (returning nothing). You can try to change the prompt style to default (or tag) in the settings, and it will change the way the messages are formatted to be passed to the LLM.

Example of configuration

You might want to change the prompt depending on the language and model you are using.

English, with instructions


2 llm_hf_repo_id: TheBloke/Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.1-GGUF
3 llm_hf_model_file: mistral-7b-instruct-v0.1.Q4_K_M.gguf
4 embedding_hf_model_name: BAAI/bge-small-en-v1.5
5 prompt_style: "llama2"

French, with instructions


2 llm_hf_repo_id: TheBloke/Vigogne-2-7B-Instruct-GGUF
3 llm_hf_model_file: vigogne-2-7b-instruct.Q4_K_M.gguf
4 embedding_hf_model_name: dangvantuan/sentence-camembert-base
5 prompt_style: "default"
6 # prompt_style: "tag" # also works
7 # The default system prompt is injected only when the `prompt_style` != default, and there are no system message in the discussion
8 # default_system_prompt: Vous êtes un assistant IA qui répond à la question posée à la fin en utilisant le contexte suivant. Si vous ne connaissez pas la réponse, dites simplement que vous ne savez pas, n'essayez pas d'inventer une réponse. Veuillez répondre exclusivement en français.

You might want to change the prompt as the one above might not directly answer your question. You can read online about how to write a good prompt, but in a nutshell, make it (extremely) directive.

You can try and troubleshot your prompt by writing multiline requests in the UI, while writing your interaction with the model, for example:

Tu es un programmeur senior qui programme en python et utilise le framework fastapi. Ecrit moi un serveur qui retourne "hello world".

Another example:

Context: None
Situation: tu es au milieu d'un champ.
Tache: va a la rivière, en bas du champ.
Décrit comment aller a la rivière.

Optimised Models

GodziLLa2-70B LLM (English, rank 2 on HuggingFace OpenLLM Leaderboard), bge large Embedding Model (rank 1 on HuggingFace MTEB Leaderboard) settings-optimised.yaml:

2 llm_hf_repo_id: TheBloke/GodziLLa2-70B-GGUF
3 llm_hf_model_file: godzilla2-70b.Q4_K_M.gguf
4 embedding_hf_model_name: BAAI/bge-large-en
5 prompt_style: "llama2"

German speaking model


2 llm_hf_repo_id: TheBloke/em_german_leo_mistral-GGUF
3 llm_hf_model_file: em_german_leo_mistral.Q4_K_M.gguf
4 embedding_hf_model_name: T-Systems-onsite/german-roberta-sentence-transformer-v2
5 #llama, default or tag
6 prompt_style: "default"